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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons – thinking of taking some wedding dance lessons? Don’t have dance experience but have 2 left feet instead? Is it because you never tried therefore you think you can’t do it?

The difference between Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary is that little bit Extra…

We cater for all wedding dance levels from absolute beginners to more advanced. That’s why you come for Wedding Dance Lessons.  So if you can count to 6 and in addition step at the same time – you can do it. First of all, our experienced instructors will be with you all the way to make your first wedding dance remarkable and unique. And also they will make sure you’re learning a lot about dance as much as about yourselves. Surprise your guests with beautiful wedding dance routine to your favourite music. But most of all your Wedding Dance Lessons are for you to feel confident, look great, and have fun!

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You have 6 months to a year to do your wedding routine

You are in the best position possible to wow your guests and put them under the magic spell of your first dance! We will teach you not only your steps and choreography but also styling which will make you look striking and unique.  As a result you will feel at ease and confident on the dance floor and will be ready to handle whatever comes your way. Experienced dance teacher. Help with music selection. Tailored choreography. Entry and Exit.

If you have 3 to 6 months to prepare for your wedding dance

This still gives you a great chance to look poised and feel  fantastic! Experienced dance teacher will help you choose the music and adapt the routine to your abilities. Most of all, you will need to practice 1 minute a day but the more the better to get the best results. Simple Entry and Exit.

Only 1 to 3 month till your big wedding day

The sooner you start, the better. Learn as fast as you can and have double-lessons every time you come in. Therefore practice is a must but don’t stress – experienced teacher will use the illusion of the dance to make you look great! Hence you still have a great opportunity to make it work magically on the dance floor: our expertise and your hard work will pay off on the day! No need to feel tense – we are here to support and encourage you while you are getting a grip on you steps 🙂

What?? You have a day left and you completely forgot about magical moment on the dance floor?

That’s ok, we are not wizards but we will give you a Crash course of 1 x 1.5 hour Private Wedding Lesson. Experienced dance teacher. Music required. Luck is essential :)

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