Social Salsa Skills

Social Salsa Skills – Get this right, and you could have a magical night of social dancing.  Get your Social Salsa Skills wrong, and you may be on the losing end of the “Why are girls at the Salsa Club so rude?” article.  Use these tips wisely, my fellow social dancer – or suffer the consequences. 

social salsa

social salsa

social salsa skills

5 things to look for when you are out Social Salsa dancing:
  1. Look for people who smile. It’s really only in the movies where a woman from across the room points to an unsuspecting guy at a nightclub and mouths the words “I want you.” So what you are looking for to start your social quest is a) people who face the dance floor (People will normally position their bodies toward their area of interest) and b) people who smile.
  2. Avoid the Bar Types. If the body language of a person is directed to the bar or to their companion, it would seem they may have no interest in dancing. Some people are there for great ambiance, drink specials, community and socialize.
  3. Stay on the Dance Floor. The best body language you can find as a dancer is… dancing. Therefore your best chance of finding people who like to dance is on the dance floor.  Don’t hesitate to head onto the dance floor solo and practice your steps. When the song ends, make eye contact with someone and politely offer your hand. 
  4. No Mixed Messages. Keep everything you do and you are, about dancing – your behavior, your conversation, your body language.  If you attempt a pick up line, aggressive body contact, or stare at your partner with your “Hungry Eyes”, that would put them on the fast track to the “I think my friends are looking for me” escape.
  5. Keep it Classy. If for some reason your invitation to dance was declined, remember that dance skills give you access to the dance floor but that doesn’t mean everyone you ask has to agree. Stay positive and exit with class, “if at any point you change your mind, I’d be honored to dance with you.  Enjoy your evening.” Then you smile, walk away, and ask someone else.
To help you get started, watch how to do your Basic Salsa Dance Step:

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