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Good News

That’s it!!! You’ve done enough of going around and taking private dance lessons at different dance studios. Also you’ve tried to learn different dance styles but keep forgetting them. And you’ve spent too much time and resources to have nothing at the end. Yet you still secretly hope that there is a magic pill that would get you on that dance floor fast! Silly you.

As much as we’d like to tell you otherwise, the bad news is that your dance magic pill was submitted for development but it’s still at the research stage – unfortunately it won’t make it to the market during your lifetime. Therefore… Sorry.

The good news is – we can make it happen and get you on that dance floor fast! No medication required…

Whatever your reason to dance, we can help!

  • For those who need more confidence – from Shy to Shine
  • Your Wedding Day – from Shuffle to Power Couple
  • If you have 2 Left Feet – Non Sergical Way to Poise and Grace
  • To get out of your comfort zone – from Steps Junkie to Flair
  • For Party Animals – from wall flower to Dancing Queen/King
  • Single people – from By Yourself to Together
  • Adrenaline seekers – from socialite to Elite Performer
  • Health conscious – from Weak to Well
  • Busy people – from Chaos to Order
Rosa M.

Are you still interested?

First of all, here at the studio we are driven by results. Opposite to what you say –  your dance results do matter! Therefore we have developed unique method that will transform you from absolute beginner in dancing into a great social dancer. So while we commit to your dance success, we require you to commit to it too. Due to this double commitment you will get fast results. It seems like no need to think about it.

Our Private Dance Lessons are designed to teach you the following 5 skills:


First of all you will be shown the best way possible to learn fast. We also help you remember what you have learned on previous dance lessons and give you something new to work on. That’s why our motto is – never substitute, always add on!! Dancing is mental, physical and emotional. Therefore let us take you on that journey which would improve your mental state, physical abilities and in addition balance your emotions and increase stamina. Side effects: might start picking up new skills really fast.

learning to dance


It seems like you are sick and tired of being unpopular and feeling left out… But most of all you don’t really know what to do about it… First of all, get equipped with social dance skills, learn etiquette on and off the dance floor and finally become a highly sought after social dancer. If you apply those skills outside dancing in your every day life, consequently and as a result you will become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be! Side effects: might just get too popular for your own good.

private dance lessons social


It seems like there is no manual on how to be in a relationship but we do as much as we can to teach you how to adapt and adjust to different dance partners at will. Furthermore, there is no one size fits all but we can teach you different polarities and everything in between while you’re learning new skills and so you feel confident on the dance floor. Most of all, having people lined up to dance with you is not impossible, it’s within your reach. Side effects: might be chased up by many people at the same time.

private dance lessons partnership


Since dancing is a silent language between two people, we can help you get your vocabulary right as much as possible. If you want a solid castle, you want the strongest foundation, agree? While we teach you dance step patterns, we also show you how to execute and put them together. Hence you will learn how to hold your dance frame and control your balance. Furthermore, developing your dance stamina and muscles are part of the dance process. Also adding body movements into your dance steps brings flair and energy into your dancing in addition to making you look great on the dance floor. Side effects: might get physically tired.

private dance lessons dancing

5. FUN

Close your eyes and imagine this: you enter the dance venue looking handsome/pretty. Confidence is your second name. Therefore it helps to know that whatever happens on the dance floor – you are going to make it look good. Your dance friends greet you cheerfully but secretly wish that they can dance like you. Someone is already asking you for a dance from the moment you walk in and you don’t leave the dance floor till the last song. You enjoy the music, your dance partners, conversations and laughs. As a result, joy is what you feel and it all seems like a fairy tale… Side effects: overall contagious happiness.

private dance lessons fun

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!


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