MIDDLE of the Dance Week

Hump Day Dance Wednesday

It’s Dance Wednesday – Let’s Celebrate with Dance Drinks!

How about Hump Day dance drink? Do you feel like one? Whether you are celebrating getting through the start of the week or time left till the end of it – doesn’t matter! Come by the studio and have a drink or two. Drinks are from $3.50, assorted vodka cruisers, beer, cider – your choice. Can’t go wrong!

Whether you are just starting your night out, in the middle of it or finishing – doesn’t matter! Come to the studio for a bit, say hi and have a drink or two.

We don’t need to search for reasons to spend time with our favourite people, do we? It’s Dance Wednesday and it’s a good enough reason to come to the dance studio!

Join us for Group Dance Classes from 7:00pm and have a drink after! You so deserve it! Stay back a bit for some social dance practice, to catch up and socialize with your friends in a relaxing environment.

Licence No: 51600879. Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive

If you have any questions or comments – please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!