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Our Dance Boutique is open 6 days a week. We have dance clothing and dance footwear in stock. However if we don’t have something, we will do our best to order it for you. Come and try everything on!

Dance Shoes

Different dances require different dance shoes and also different surfaces require different dance shoes. Dancing outside on cement is different from dancing on a wood floor versus a tile floor, etc.
It is good to change your dance shoes often if you are dancing for a long time 4-5 hours. It helps keep down the fatigue.
Maintenance of your dance shoes is quite simple. You buy one of these dance shoe brushes. After dancing, the suede gets matted down and really smooth. You brush the smooth part to make the suede rough again.  It takes about 20 seconds, and makes your dance shoes as good as new again!

Dance Boutique – We offer unique and high-quality ballroom and Latin dance shoes for men and women. In-stock items of our Dance Boutique include popular styles of ballroom & Latin dance shoes, some styles are suitable as bridal dance shoes.

Interesting Fact:

In Mesopotamia, (c. 1600-1200 BC) a type of soft shoes were worn by the mountain people who lived on the border of Iran. The soft shoe was made of wraparound leather, similar to a moccasin. As late as 1850 most shoes were made on absolutely straight lasts, there being no difference between the right and the left shoe.

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Dance Wear

Typically, dance clothing is designed to harmonize and not hinder the movements of the dancer.

DanceWear may be designed to expose or enhance the lines formed by the dancer’s body, It may fit loosely or it may be form-fitting to emphasize the form of the dancer’s body.

Dance is about movement, so the way a fabric hangs or moves on the dancer is important. Lightweight materials such as silk move faster and easier and tend to flow around the body. Stretchable fabrics such as jersey, silk, chiffon, Georgette, and Lycra are commonly used because they don’t restrict movement.

Dance Shoes paired up with DanceWear – your best combination while dancing!

Our Dance Boutique is open every day from 9am to 9pm. You can come in and try our latest range of dance shoes and DanceWear. Bring your partner and friends at the same time so you can have some fun trying new things on! Discounts available if you buy 3 or more items at a time. Have a drink or two while you are at it – our licensed bar is always open!

It’s a good idea to let us know in advance (if you can) when you are coming to our Dance Boutique and what you are interested in so we can make your experience pleasant and rewarding. Please contact us to find out more about our range and organize fitting.

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