Social Dancing is a fun journey with Dance Adelaide

Own the Dance Floor


What we are good at

How we help others

  • we provide quality teaching
  • create welcoming and supporting learning environment
  • educate students on different topics
  • teach about music and body movements
  • give plenty of opportunities to practice
  • become each others family


We love giving stuff away! We believe in giving before receiving. Some of things you’ll get from us:

Our Partnership

We teach Social Partner Dancing therefore there has to be a two-way street between you and us.

We will equip you with all necessary tools that will make you a better dancer but you are the one who would need to practice and put everything to the test. And if we have our communication open at all times – we will go places! 🙂 We are here to commit to excellence and beyond. Are you on board? 🙂


Our Story

Did you know that Dance Adelaide was called Elite Synergy Dance School before? It all started in 2010 when one of the most creative and passionate people opened his own Dance Studio. His name is Oscar Antonio Castellanos. He started as a Sole Trader and not having much but with his Great Vision of teaching people what matters the most in dancing and holding nothing back, Oscar achieved big success turning his “one-man band” into a 4-partner company Dance Adelaide in 2015. He uses his Elite Synergy Dance Method till now, much evolved and refined.

  • People who said they have 2 left feet 95%
  • People who didn’t like their dance journey 5%
  • Our raving fans 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!