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Dance Adelaide Dance School Welcomes You

Dance Adelaide website is here for you to find dance information you need regarding our dance services such as group dance classes, private dance lessons, bridal waltz dance classes, wedding dance choreography, social dancing, dance parties including dance movie nights and dancing holidays.

Immerse yourself today, to start immediately with private dance lessons or group dance classes? Call us without delay to book a free dance lesson or email us to schedule you in today.

We as Dance Adelaide dancing instructors and dance students go on dance holidays every year. Our dance holiday destinations have included El Salvador for Salsa & Bachata to take part in private dance lessons and social dancing with locals. Mexico for Salsa & Bachata dance festival to see amazing dancers such Daniel & Desiree. Melbourne for Latin & Ballroom dancing competitions. Sydney for Kizomba dance festival.
Join us this July 2017 on a dance cruise to Vanuatu. Followed by Queensland for a Zouk dance festival. What are you waiting for? Start enriching your life with the many side effects knowing how to dance brings to your everyday life.

Watch our dance videos to see first hand what we are all about, Call us or drop us a line via email regarding your dancing needs. Our professional dance instructors will make you feel at home every time you come to dance classes, dance lessons or to any other dance activity we have at our dance school. The dance Adelaide’s dance studio is at 93 Gilles Street Adelaide CBD 5000 accesses via dance studio’s after hour car park or Dumfries place.

What has prevented you from enjoying the fun dancing brings you?
Below are some reasons people we have taught gave us at Dance Adelaide that prevented them from taking up dancing.
  • I gave dancing a shot, but it didn’t work out for me. 80%

At Dance Adelaide you are not alone

It’s not your fault. Some of the reasons it didn’t work out could have been because of the following reasons:

  • A complicated dance patterns
  • Dance classes going too fast
  • Dance instruction not explained or shown properly
  • Assumed dancing knowledge was required… Just to name a few of the reasons dancing didn’t it didn’t work out.
  • I left it too late to start dancing. 95%
  • ” I have no rhythm or dance ability” 75%
  • “I have no dancing bones in my body” 60%

The road to 1000 miles starts with one dance step

Today, this hour, this second is the perfect time to start learning to dance. Our Oldest client started at age 75 and is so flexible and nimble everyone thinks she is 55 years young or that she has been dancing for years. Join other dancers that have started and are enjoying themselves on the dance floor with many new dancing friends. Every person says that they wish they started when they were younger.

Nobody was born with dancing bones we all had to learn

You have rhythm, you can hear music, you can walk around you can dance. Can you count to 6 or 8? That’s all you need really. Give us a call to find out how simple it really is.

Dance Adelaide couple dancing with their baby. Testing if baby was born with dancing bones in his body.

Everyone believes dancing is for the talented until they come to us

Dancing is like cooking, learning a new language.  When you immerse yourself, you become great. We are here to guide you. Be your training wheels so you can dance sooner. You too can enjoy the fun, excitement and admiration dancing gives you.

If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.

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